Wicked Imperial

Wicked Imperial

Wicked Imperial is the developer of Croquet DeadWatch a deadness board for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The app is currently unavailable on the app store and hasn’t been updated in a few years. Both of these will change shortly. This paragraph was written on 4/23/2020 just to keep me honest.


Pressing on a live ball image toggles to dead. Pressing again toggles back to live. Pressing the ball color in the left hand column clears that ball completely and increments the score.

If you clear deadness without running a wicket, eg. when your opponent runs 1-Back, manually clear deadness by pressing each ball you are dead on to toggle them to live and still keep the score accurate.

Pressing ‘Reset Game’ will reset all scores to 0 and clear all deadness. Selecting 6 or 9 wickets will adjust the maximum score per ball accordingly. Game must be reset after changing the number of wickets for this setting to take effect.

The Watch app works the same way as the phone but does not count and display the score.

The apps on the two devices are not connected in this version. Updates made on the phone do not currently appear on the watch nor do updates made on the watch appear on the phone.

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The Croquet DeadWatch logo was created by James Gallardo. But don’t blame him for the design of the app or this webpage though, those are totally my fault. I just asked him for help with the logo.

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